We at nimbusrowater are committed to maintaining the very high level of quality of our pure water. We test our product daily, at our in-house laboratory (Attachment I), as well as sending it regularly for independent assessment at a commercial laboratory (Attachment II). We have full confidence in the quality of our product. And so do others. Japan, Australia and Singapore, the most affluent countries in the Asia Pacific region, as well as those with the most stringent of health regulations and consumer expectations, all import our product. They bear testimony to the high quality of our pure water and its competitiveness.

At nimbusrowater we are proud of our pure water. With the use of high technology, we have managed to create a product that achieves the highest standards of excellence at the lowest expense. That is our greatest accomplishment- attaining a perfect symbiosis between good business and solid integrity. This is a situation we are determined to maintain, now and in the future.


By using leading edge patented reverse osmosis technology and state-of-the-art process equipment. nimbusrowater. produces water of an exceptionally high purity. The table shows a typical analysis for the trademarked brand “R O Water”. Of the components tested, some would cause aestheric concerns if detected, such as suspended solids. However, most are highly dangerous or even fatal if consumed. For example, arsenic is known to cause cancer and serious damage to the circulatory and central nervous system. Cadmium damages the kidneys, chromium affects the liver, lead and cyanide cause damage to the nervous system and phenol is fatal