Know different Type of water available on earth surface

Know different Type of water available on earth surface
Water is the main factor for both animals as well as human beings. The study shows that about 60% of human body is made up of water. That means it is clear that we cannot live without water. A small reduction of water in the body cause many diseases. Lack of water into the body is also the main reason of various illnesses, temporary or permanent diseases. Experts and doctors always suggest people take water at least 8 glasses in a day. You can find different type of water i.e. the class of water which is usable or not.
While talking about the water present on the earth, it is known that 97% of water is available in the sea which is not drinkable. On the other hand, 2% of water is available in the form of ice that cannot be changed in liquid for. It demands more efforts and expenses to change the water available in ice for. Remaining 1% of water is drinkable available on the earth surface, lake, river and below of earth surface. It can help you to understand how to keep the water safe and don’t waste it. Various type of water you can find on earth are listed below-
Hard water
Hard water is a type of water which is saturated with iron, magnesium, calcium and other minerals. All water in a river, lake, deep wells or else includes these minerals in huge. That is why the nature of water is hard.
Boiled water
Taking boiled water is best for having a good health. Boiling the water helps you to remove unwanted germs from it, but it concentrates the minerals. In result, you will get hard water.
Raw water
Raw water includes heavy germ and virus which is not good for human health. The raw water is saturated with calcium mineral, and others are also available in few amount. It may be soft as rain water and hard as water comes from river or mountain. This type of water is not drinkable but using purification method; you can use it for drinking purpose.
Soft water
Soft water is human-friendly. That means it is a pure type of water which is available on earth surface. It is drinkable water which does not include hardeners in a huge amount such as calcium, iron, magnesium and else. Soft water is a light form of water which is used for drinking purpose.
Snow water
Snow water is rainy water which is available in the form of snow. That means due to weather affect it is frozen. Freezing the water does not offer to kill germs and virus. You have to use any purification method or boil it till kill the germs.
De-ionized water
It is also a type of water where ionization process takes place to transform the hard water matters into soft. The water including the sodium elements or different inorganic matters transforms to make it soft water with a particular method. Hard water basically treated to make it soft because it includes various chemical ingredients. On the other hand, de-ionized water is a similar one.

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