Types of Cuckoo Water Filter

Water purification is a very crucial process in our day to day lives. We drink water, cook with water and then use the water for other daily household or outside purposes. Now our body itself is made of 70% water. So it is important to know what is safe and what is not for at least the water that we are drinking in our day to day lives.

With the growth of industries and other companies, the chemical waste has increased rapidly and thus has resulted in this condition. All the chemical waste is mixed with the sources of water that we humans have, rivers, ponds, lakes and even springs. Now not only the chemical but there are several bacteria’s that get mixed. So it is very important to clean that water before we consume it. Here are some of the water filters by a popular company www.waterpurifiermalaysia.com. A water purifier is a must in every household.

Types of filters

We already saw why we need filters all the time now there is a need to get one. There are different types of filters that are produced by the Cuckoo Filters and listed below are all of the filters:

  • MARVEL: This filter is super slim, stylish and also light weight. This is made for people having little spaces or filters at their homes or workplaces. It has a touch control panel which is designed with modern techniques. The filters are easy to change and provide you with normal water only.
  • JAZZ MODEL: Also known as the Nano Positive plus filters. It has voice navigation system with languages as English, Malaysian and Chinese. It is super slim. It is made with technology in order to provide you with instant hot water. Has selections like, half cup, full cup or continue till you stop the water flow.
  • ICON MODEL: It’s the first in and out sterilization system based filter. This one property of the filter makes it very easy to clean the filter from the inside. It has a mood sensor. It is made with child lock and provides water in 13 different temperatures.
  • FUSHION TOP: Made with minimalistic designs but yet stylishly for homes. Provides you with normal, hot and cold water. Uses the six stage filtration process. Has an antibacterial tank for better usage and also the faucets can be detached easily.
  • KING TOP: This is the 1st mild alkaline water filter that provides you water of normal and cold temperature with 7 levels in the cold section. Has the feature of child lock and the tank is made of stainless steel. The designs suit perfectly for stylish places with shorter areas.
  • DELUXE: This filter is designed for office uses and has four different filters inside it. The water tank it has is made of stainless steel and thus doesn’t get destroyed very easily. It provides you with hot and cold water normally.

FUSHION STAND: This model is designed for general household uses, and not office uses. With the special child lock property, it provides you an extra layer of security. This also has a six-step filtration process with 4 different filters that are attached inside it. Its temperature selection varies between hot, cold and normal room temperature water.

This is all about the cuckoo filters and why it is so important to have water purifiers installed at houses and workplaces nowadays. So, go ahead and get one that suits your need perfectly.