Cuckoo Water Purifier Review

Cuckoo Water Purifier Review

Buying a water purifier is not always an easy task. You need to have patience and knowledge about the water purifier so that you can get the best for your home. In the recent times with the air and the surroundings getting polluted every day you need a permanent solution to this problem. That is why buying a water purifier is really necessary.

Things to check before you choose the best

Well, there are quite a few points to look after while buying the best purifier:

Standard of the water filtered

  1. Most important thing is the ph level in your water
  2. Whether the water purifier can get rid of all the virus, bacteria and heavy metals.
  3. Can it add good quality minerals in the water?

Servicing standard

  1. What is the schedule of servicing of the water filter to get a pure water supply?
  2. Do you need to change the filters too often?
  3. Is there requirement of any other maintenance?

Quality of the filter used

  1. Can the filters stop the heavy metals?
  2. Can it add minerals in the purified water?
  3. Does yet waste water?

Technology used

  1. Material used to build the water repository
  2. Power consumption level of the purifier
  3. Whether it can work in those areas where water pressure is really low?

So, these are the points you need to consider while buying a water purifier. Now if you search for water purifier in the market, and try to find a purifier matching all these quality, you will have to go for the Cuckoo water purifier.

Water Purifier from Cuckoo is the best: why?

So, now that you know the points to look for while buying a water purifier, it’s time to see why Cuckoo water purifier has been one of the favorites of the people.

  1. The first point is ph level. The ph level of the water produced by the Cuckoo purifier is 7.3-7.9 which is really high according to the standards set by WHO.
  2. The purifier can produce water that has minerals in good quantity for sure.
  3. The filters used in this purifier are really of good quality. It can take away all the heavy metals and also can remove any sort of virus or bacteria that can be present in the water.
  4. Most importantly the quality of the water that you get is really enriched with real minerals and also there is no trace of harmful chemicals or metals.

So, these are the main reasons why Cuckoo water purifier has been the best in the market and why people are more than willing to get this purifier in their home.

The way it works

This filter works around 6 stages to make sure you get the best quality purified water.

  1. In the first stage, the purifier makes sure to eliminate all the impurities like dust particles, rust and all which are undetected in the open eyes.
  2. The second stage makes sure that the filter actually get rids of the viruses and the bacteria that may cause you a lot of problems in the future.
  3. The next stages are combined into one and they make sure to add important minerals in the water and also introduce a mild level of alkaline to maintain the ph level high.
  4. The last stage is the most important of the all stages and this stage makes sure that there is no heavy metal or viruses left in the water at all and you only drink clear healthy water.